Generate UUID issue

01-11-2023 08:46 AM
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So I have a bit of a question or possible bug(feature) when generating a UUID for a field in a layer.

Our map is used as the backend for NISC, so we have the need to generate a GUID for version tracking purposes, and it has worked fine with the example located at but recently I did some housekeeping and grouped some of the layers together to clean things up a bit. But when I did this, it broke being able to use the python generate UUID code. If I move the layer back to the root directory structure, it works fine, but within a subgroup it fails with error 000732



Is there some switch or option I am missing somewhere, or is it just something we are going to have to work around? Or as I am looking at it right now, is it the forward slash in the location?🤔

Anyway, if someone has some insights, that would be great.





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