Exporting data in PENZD coordinate system CSV file?

04-22-2021 12:16 PM
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  I am trying to find a way to take shapefiles, or OVR, or even ADF files and convert them in GIS to some x, y, z coordinate system format such as a PENZD to then export as CSV. The end goal is to take these extremely large files, typically lidar data thats been converted to those file types listed above, and convert them to CSV for easier point loading into CAD. So far no one has been able to help convert so that the CSV is in PENZD formatting. 

 For future help, we can not and never do get LAS files provided so thats not an option. Generally we find contour data on county webpages and they are shapefile or adf. Please help, its been several months reaching out to people with no luck. 

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Have you tried the ArcToolbox Table to Table tool? It would take any table (shapefile, feature class, etc.) and export to csv, txt, or dbf file formats.

If your table does not have x,y coords use the Add XY Coordinates tool to add POINT_X and POINT_Y fields with those values to the table prior to exporting.

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