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06-18-2022 09:24 AM
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I am trying to have only certain cities be on my map and I can't seem to get the attributes table to work in the query (so I only need 3 cities to show up instead of 1000s). When I use the query function it verifies my query but returns no value. I would also just like to display in the legend those 3 cities or all cities then I can just uncheck all the others but the 3 I need to display? Sorry if this is a stupid question - I am using ARCMAP 10.8. I used to use ARCVIEW and ARCGIS 8 but am new to the changes in this version.

Thank you

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You could use the Definition Query.



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Hello TracyHills,

Not sure if you already tried, but in the legend properties, the Map Extent Options allow you to control how legend items interact with the current map extent. If the Only show classes that are visible in the current map extent check box is checked, a legend item class will only appear in the legend if a feature from that class is in the current extent. If no features from that legend item are in the current extent, the entire item will be removed from the legend. 

Use the "definition query" as noted by JayantaPoddar.  Please provide your query, and a snippet of your city's attribute table, and feedback can then be provided on why there are no values returned.


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