Different data visualisation between ARCDesktop and ArcScene

05-18-2020 11:33 AM
New Contributor III

I am comparing the variation in the head wall elevation along steep sided channels. I have a dataset with elevation values of the left wall with corresponding values on the diametrically opposite position on the right wall using a  DEM and the  “Identify”  function.  I have found the left wall is higher than the right. I have visualised this in ARCscene (the first time I have used this) with the same DEM and I now see a channel on the right hand wall is higher than the left. In addition, I see the values of the corresponding points (left and right) are not just transposed but are are substantially different. Another odd feature is the navigation tool, if I swipe from left to right the image moves in the opposite direction from right to left. I have been unable to address these issues, am I correct in assuming Identify will provide the elevation data on the raster tile I access? Any suggestions most welcome, thank you. (ArcDesktop 10.5.1 ..Mac Bootcamp &  Mojave).

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