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cut polygons model

01-07-2021 02:27 PM
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i have boundaries which are red polygons , and that red polygon covered the building, i want idea to split 

that red polygon in the edge of building that covered by red polygon automatically without crossed the out of build's edges 


is there any ideas please 

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Hi Mahmound, 

If you just intend to change the geometry, you can use the use edit tool to create a new line across the polygon. 

Constructing polygons from the shapes of other features—ArcMap | Documentation (

Is this what you were after?

New Contributor III

firstly thanks for your replaying 

the tool that you notified it is not work for what i want and make gaps and clip each build according to the red polygon like that 


i want tool split by percentages each red polygon split to polygon and on the build's edge and without gaps

like that