Cannot Create A New Feature Class Within A Feature Dataset

11-14-2022 10:47 AM
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Hey everyone, I am currently working in ArcMap 10.8.1 on desktop. I have a geodatabase that has 3 feature datasets within it. Just recently I have not been able to edit or add feature classes to one of the feature datasets. I am able to use the other two feature datasets and can add feature classes to them. In ArcMap I pull up Catalog, route to where my geodatabase is, then go to my feature dataset>Right click>New..> and Feature Class is not colored and won't let me add a new feature class.

I provided screenshots of the issue. I do not have the geodatabase or feature dataset working in any other mxd file. I am at a loss, any ideas? Thanks

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Most likely cause is someone else has geodatabase open. ArcMap sometimes hold locks even after it closes. For something simple like this use the catalog tree in ArcGIS Pro.

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The error message in your screen shot says you can't add anything if you have a basic license. Have you updated ArcMap recently and its defaulted back to basic license for some reason? Is it a new installation on a new PC and whoever did that gave you a basic license?  Are these geodatabases provided to you and they have stuck something in the feature dataset that is incompatible with your license level? Finally after making a backup of the geodatabase, try running compact tool on it, this may resolve the issue identified by @Anonymous User.