Can you combine selection by attribute and location?

08-21-2019 03:47 AM
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I want to find a simple way to locate all those features with a specific attribute (e.g. a unique identifier - UID) that do not fall completely within the bounds of a group of features on another layer, with the same UID. As part of the mapping process we create thousands of individual features, each depicting individual elements of a site. On a separate layer, we have polygons representing all those features with the same UID, describing the site at a higher level. Sometimes, due to operator error, features are created that do not fall inside their relevant polygon and I'm trying to find a simple way to locate these. It' easy enough to find those that don't fall within any polygon, but since some overlap, they may fall within a polygon, but not the right one.

The attached drawing shows two features (selected with orange) that extend beyond the bounds of the monument polygon (red)

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Hi Simon,

If I'm understanding correctly, one way would be to run the Select by Location tool to get the feature selected by their "in-ness", then open the Select by Attribute tool and change the selection method to "Select from Current Selection" to further refine the selection by attributes.

Here's the documentation on the Select by Attributes:

Using Select By Attributes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Hopefully, that works!



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Hi Lauren,

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, that only works on a group by group basis, unless I misunderstand the concept. Also, the initial in-ness wouldn't pick up those features that were within a group record, but not the right one.

What I need, for the several thousand records with different UIDs, is to find all those that do not sit within their parent group record, at once. I suspect it may be something that has to be written as a script, but I don't know enough about them so was hoping someone else had a similar issue and had solved it.



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