Basemap/Drawing will not update unless panned.

01-18-2023 07:19 AM
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I recently downloaded ArcMap 10.8.1, and noticed a pretty bad bug on my end.

Whenever I pan, it breaks ArcMap. The zoom, text, and draw functions cease to work. They don't update in real time, only when I pan for some reason. ArcMap works just fine if I don't pan. 

I am on a windows machine with a NVIDIA GPU. I have tried reinstalling, restarting my computer, and changing the GPU from the NVIDA to the integrated graphics. 


Any ideas of what to do? I can provide more if needed. 

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I'm using 10.8 at work and I have noticed issues when a basemap is being displayed. I also have a new laptop. It doesn't crash but it does lag horribly and this is on a brand spanking new i7 with a rtx graphic card. So either its a driver card issue or esri are throttling base map access to arcmap, is what I feel. I suspect it's more of an issue with hardware, even though ArcMap is a great piece of software, its 32 bit and old and is slowly being broken by office updates. Time to move on to ArcPro... which by the way also breaks with every Office 365 update.... 😵

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