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Bad perfomance of Arcmap

04-10-2020 04:45 AM
New Contributor

Hey there,

I am an ArcGIS beginner and I am struggling with ArcMap (using the student licence, version 10.6.1 downloaded 2 months ago, working with Windows 10) since it shows an extreme low perfomance especially when I am working with (one) baselayer(s) that are provided by ArcGIS online/baselayers included in the program/bing maps/WMS servers. Overall, the general perfomance of ArcMap seems to be quite low.

The hardware of my pc as well the internet connection (300.000 kbit/s) have a really high perfomance and should not have a problem with ArcMap, especially when using only basic 2D mapping tools.

Does anyone have suggestions to increase the perfomance of ArcMap besides of dowloading all the patches that are available? Are there any setting in ArcMap itself or is there a problem with the internet security software of Windows 10? (I am not using additional sercurity to the ones that are included in windows 10).

Thanks for any help!



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