Attribute Table incorrectly displayed and overlaying Table of Contents

02-24-2020 11:46 AM
New Contributor

I am using Desktop 10.5.  The attribute tables for every layer are displaying incorrectly under the toolbars and overlaying the table of contents.  I cannot move the table, sort, add/delete columns, etc, as there is no toolbar for the attribute table visible.  The table is not separate from the arcmap window (as I move arcmap around my screens, it stays in the same spot.) I have followed the steps in other posts, including changing the table window settings in regedit and renaming the files/templates (in Problem: ArcMap does not display the Attribute Table dialog box for a layer ).  I cannot get the table to open in a stand alone window and cannot edit anything above the bottom ~6 rows of the table IF the table has more than 7 features (ie, I cannot scroll up/down).  It is like the attribute table is tucked under the toolbars.  Here's a screenshot:

Once I close the attribute table (by using the tab at the bottom), a white box remains, hiding the layer names in the TofC.

Is there anyway I can get the attribute table to display as it should?  It has been fine up until today. Please help!  

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