Attaching photos to features in ArcMap when imported from KMZ/L or shapefile that was exported from Avenza

06-15-2021 09:44 AM
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I was wondering if there is any help documentation on how to export layers from Avenza as either a shapefile or a KMZ and bring that into ArcMap WITH the attachments/photos? Or if anyone has recommended work flows?

I’ve been able to export both a KMZ or shapefile and successfully add it to ArcMap.  My question is, is there a workflow for getting the photos attached to the attributes in ArcMap? I can see the photo attachments in Google/ArcGIS Earth but don’t know how to get them attached to the features in ArcMap.  Because when you export as a shapefile or convert the KMZ to a layer in ArcMap the images are not attached, they come in a separate folder. 

I would think this is a common process used by many people but I have not found any workflows for doing this.

Thanks for your time.


Exported Shapefile



KMZ/L to layer result



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This is the standard procedure. 

Create a gdb (if going from shp to feature class...when you go from kml the conversion creates one for you)

import your data

click on point/line/poly and enable attachments (manage option)

then add them to your map and edit

follow: Desktop Help 10.0 - Adding attachments to features (


good luck!

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