ArcMap will not connect to internal GPS on Tablet (Dell Latitude 7212)?

10-31-2022 12:53 PM
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I recently acquired a refurbished Dell Latitude 7212 tablet, which has an internal GPS through a COM1 port. I have tested the internal GPS in QGIS, which works well. 

However, when I try to connect in ArcMap, the 'Detect GPS Port' button yields a message that says: "Unable to detect GPS device on COM ports supported by the hardware...". Also when I try the 'Test Connection' button, I get: "Communication port open. Please attach or turn on the device." These are the same errors I get when I try this on my laptop which has no internal GPS. I have checked the settings (Baud, Data, Parity, Stop) against the COM1 settings in device manager on the tablet and they match up. 

Any suggestions on how to get ArcMap to detect the internal GPS?

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