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04-30-2021 06:44 PM
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Hello everyone

I have a question concerning Python in ArcMap (field calculator):

I want to write following code with python, in attributes table; field calculator. But I can't.

Could you help me,


Dim pSpRef1 As ISpatialReference
Dim pSpRFc As SpatialReferenceEnvironment
Set pSpRFc = New SpatialReferenceEnvironment
Dim pGCS As IGeographicCoordinateSystem

Set pGCS =
Set pSpRef1 = pGCS
pSpRef1.SetFalseOriginAndUnits -180, -90, 1000000

Dim pPCS As IProjectedCoordinateSystem
Dim pSpRef2 As ISpatialReference
Set pPCS =
pPCS.SetFalseOriginAndUnits 0, 0, 1000
Set pSpRef2 = pPCS
Dim dblArea As double
Dim CenterX As double
Dim CenterY As double
Dim pArea As IArea

Set pArea = [shape]

Dim pGeo As IGeometry
Set pGeo = pArea
Set pGeo.SpatialReference = pSpRef1
pGeo.Project pSpRef2

Set pArea = pGeo
dblArea = pArea.Area

theKm = dblArea / 1000000

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Use Add Geometry Attributes—Help | Documentation (

If you want to calculate geometry in a different coordinate system and/or units

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Thenk you, but I need to know how in python

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Then examine the code associated with the tool's script located in

C:\... your install folder ... \Resources\ArcToolBox\Scripts\

You will probably be able to simplify it substantially.

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Thank you again,

I examined it, but not  figure it out. I'm new in Python. 

I want to write  with Python Parser of the Field Calculator.


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Seeing there are existing tools to accomplish this task, and yet you want to write it on your own without explaining why, it seems like this may be a question for school/studies.  If you can provide a reason why you have to write it in Python yourself, people may be more willing to help or offer additional suggestions.

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This is a situation related to Phd. I thought these steps wouldn't work, sometimes different results can come out, but they did.
thanks again, DanPatterson  

thank you JoshuaBixby

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