ArcMap 10.8 does not open after loading document launch stage

03-25-2021 01:18 AM
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Hello ! I've just installed the program and unfortunately, ArcMap 10.8  doesn't open after loading document launch stage (screeshoot). I've tried the solution presented here: but It didn't help.  Do You have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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Did you ever have a verison installed that worked?

If you tried the suggestions, including the workaround and renaming your application profile and reinstalling the Tech Support may be your only option

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Have you installed 64 bit?

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Did you every get it resolved Aleksander? I'm running into a similar issue with a fresh installation ArcMap 10.8.1. It took a long time got get pass the "initialize application" stage (~10 min or so), then another long time stuck at "loading document", before the splash screen disappears.

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