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Arcmap 10.6 Quick Choropleth maps With Fixed Banding

10-28-2019 01:57 PM
New Contributor

I'm work area isn't very familiar with this software, but we have it available to us. We're trying to figure at quick, easy way to make choropleth maps for various pricing scenarios.

We'd like to set of banding rules for each scenario so that the color scheme remains consistent and it's easy to visually notice where changes are happening. Ideally, the band widths would be in 5% or 10% increments of % profit and not be bound by the actual min and max value for % profit. So, something like -50% to +50% in increments of 5%.

We've gotten as far as going to properties -> Symbology -> Quantiles. Then selecting our variable of interest and clicking Classify. But within Classify it seems to be really laborious to set up the banding the way that we want, and even then, we can figure out a way to import/move/use to other scenarios.

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