ArcMap 10.6.1 Issue with Basemap

02-12-2021 11:22 AM
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by Anonymous User
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ArcMap recently started having an issue with some of my basemaps not drawing, but ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and portal/AGO are fine.


The image service in the basemap is not experiencing any issues. I don't receive any errors and the data source is fine. Does anyone know what's happening?

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Where is the basemap from? I'm guessing its from your ArcGIS Server/Portal put can't really tell.

What does the warning message say when you hover over the exclamation mark? Is this from a saved MXD or does it not display in any new MXD when added (and how do you add it to the map)? 

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by Anonymous User
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Thank you for your reply. The basemap is composed of 2019 aerial photography on our public imageserver (Folder: / ( is shared publicly in ArcGIS Online. There are no messages when I hover over the exclamation points and nothing in the properties of the layer to tell me what the problem is. The basemap was added by clicking the Add Data button dropdown and selecting Add basemap, all while signed into ArcGIS Online. This is happening in new MXDs with our Fairfax Imagery and Fairfax Property basemaps. 



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