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Arcmap 10.6.1 crashing on start up

07-20-2020 05:22 AM
New Contributor

After preforming a clean uninstall, I have reinstalled ArcGIS 10.6.1. However, ArcMap will not open and crashes at the splash screen during the "loading document" phase. ArcCatalog opens without issue.

Prior to the uninstall I tried:

   -delete normal.mxt

   -delete appdata/roaming

   -modify/repair with control panel

   -Registry tweaks.

   -Windows 10 Updates

   -NVIDIA driver updates.

 Is there anything else I can try?

ArcMap was behaving normally 2 days ago (7/17/2020).

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New Contributor

My issue was the video card that ArcMap was using. We disabled the nvidia and enabled the integrated card.

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