Addresslocator (ArcMap) doesn't allow street names with "&" (ampersand) in the streetname (German addresslocator style)

02-25-2021 05:10 AM
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Creating an Addresslocator for Germany it was found that there are problems when using addresses as reference data which have an "&"-sign in the streetname e. g. "Orenstein-&-Koppel-Straße" . It was not possible to add such an address when creating an addresslocator (all addresses with "&" in the reference data were ignored during creation of the address locator).

Moreover the use of "&" in requests to an Addresslocator has the effect that no answer is created (for example when you search addresses with the only modification that you put an "&" in the street name, e. g. "Südwest&park" instead of correct "Südwestpark" for street name) . Even when you would succeed to put an address with "&" in an adresslocator this address will never become a result as every request with "&" in the street name will not have a result.

This problem is most likely only applicable to German Addresslocators with country specifc Addresslocator styles.

What is the difference to other Addresslocator Styles in for other countries?

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