Address Locator (US Address - Single House): place-name alias not working when different addresses have the same place-name

04-08-2022 02:51 AM
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I have followed the documentation The place-name alias table to attach place-name alias table for my locator based out of US Address - Single House style.

It was mentioned in the document under Alias field section that; 

If different addresses have the same place-name, additional zone information, such as City, State, or ZIP Code, should be provided in the table.

My alias table contains different addresses with same place-name, and with different ZIP codes.

My Address Locator is not working in this case, however working fine for locations such as single place-name with single address.

Can someone please help to throw some light on the right configurations for the case i.e. different addresses with same place-name.

Thank you.

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@Ranga_Tolapi Do you get any candidates for the places that have the same name, but a different address? What happens when you search for these locations in the Find tool?

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