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3D Points into a Polyline (3D or 2D)

04-28-2020 08:38 AM
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i have a large amount of 3D points that represent several (separate) linear elements. This means that these points partly have the similar/(same) x,y - coordinates and differ only in the height (z) (like power lines). But the single points have no relation to each other, i.e. the left point knows nothing about its right point or other points. Using the Near function I could only find the nearest point, but not the point on the other side of the point. My goal now is to create a single line for each line-like element. In the beginning I tried to do this with the point2Line command, but the line was quite crisscross, so I tried to correct this with a small buffer. The next step would be to generate a centerline of this polygon, but ArcGIS does not seem to support the generation of a centerline from closed polygons.

Is there a way to create a polyline from 3D points with ArcGIS? A 2D line would be one approach, because then I could work it with this tutorial from next.

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