3D information is lost when using "Regularize Building Footprint"?

07-15-2020 02:22 AM
New Contributor II

Currently I am working on the extraction of building footprints using ArcGIS/ArcPy and Lastools. Using LasBoundary I extract all buildings from the lidar dataset and get the building outlines as 3D polygons (Polygon ZM). In order to improve/enhance the geometry of the outlines I perform a smoothing by means of "Regularize Building Footprint" as a subsequent step.

arcpy.ddd.RegularizeBuildingFootprint(<input polygons>, <output polygons>, 'ANY_ANGLE', "0.20", "0.20", "0.15")

Unfortunately I only get 2D-polygons as result. Is there a possibility to keep the 3D information or to add it again?

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