Query the concurrent ArcGIS Desktop licenses from anywhere within network

05-21-2021 08:33 AM

Query the concurrent ArcGIS Desktop licenses from anywhere within network

See attached WHATLG.zip file.


To use it:

open lmstat.bat with a text editor

Replace the LM ip here: <insertLMIPHere>

run WhereHaveAllTheLicensesGone.exe


As of 05/21/2021, the lmutil.exe file included in this zip works.

As time passes, a new lmutil.exe file might need to be obtained, which can be found with the My Esri download of License Manager.


I've just started providing technical support for this tool within my company and have been looking for for a tool like this, so please keep in mind I'm not a user of ArcGIS and technically this is new to me. 

It seems that the Product List in WhereHaveAllTheLicensesGone doesn’t match the “Features” in the Arc GIS Licensing Tool. They all match except what I see as 'Advanced' is called “ArcInfo” in the tool and the 'Basic' is called “ArcView”. Also, in the tool the products all have 9.0 after the product name and we have 10.8.1 installed.



@AndresCastillo  Any suggestions on why this differs? I want to offer this to our users by installing the WhereHaveAllTheLicensesGone on the shared desktops, but I'll have to explain how to know which is Advanced and which is Basic.

Thanks in advance!
Jessika Tischleder

Hi @JessikaTischleder ,

"ArcGIS for Desktop is available in three license levels - ArcView, Arc Editor, and ArcInfo. Starting at ArcGIS 10.1 these same levels are re-named to Basic, Standard, and Advanced, respectively."



It seems like the original developer of the tool hardcoded the dropdown values at version 9.0.


Kudos to you for taking ownership of ArcGIS products as an IT Professional.

@AndresCastillo THANKS for this info!!!  I'll have to figure out how to edit those files as I can't seem to edit the files using a text editor, appears to be .NET which I'm not familiar with. 

On a different note, are you aware of a solution where one can easily export historical license usage from the lmgrd9.log file? This log file actually has a comment that refers to some Flexera software available for purchase, but I attempted to contact that vendor and have not received a response. Additionally I've contacted ESRI and they do not have an option for me either. 

I'm all about 1. allowing users to try to view license usage themselves (without contacting my support team to look in the license manager) and then 2. also track historical usage that we can see who the "offenders" are who are failing to log off in a timely manner in order to free up a license. 

Thanks in advance!
Jessika Tischleder

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