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10-17-2018 07:12 PM
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Im familiar with the options for ios notifications while workforce is running. Is there a way to notify a worker that they have a new assignment via text message or email while the app isn’t running? 



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This is not possible out of the box with Workforce; but you can get this same result through the user of Python scripts and setting up an observer script to send emails/text messages.

It is in our backlog to include this, however the work has been assigned to a release.


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I just got a request from one of our field supervisors about this exact topic. He wants to get an email telling him whenever a new work order is created (whether or not it is assigned to him). I only have access to MS Power Automate so I was hoping to use a webhook that would be triggered by a new record being added to the assignment feature service, but all the documentation on that process only shows steps for Integromate which is useless to me (I am not an IT whiz, so it is beyond me to just "figure it out" using Power Automate). 

I am currently using Power Automate to send myself an email every time someone submits a Survey123 form, and setting up that process was pretty straightforward, so I was hoping that setting up the same scenario with new record triggers would be as simple. 

I have seen the Python script suggestions but I am not that far along in my Python knowledge to make them work or even know where to run them since we don't have Enterprise and work solely off of desktops and AGOL. I also don't have weeks to work on this as I have many other tasks that need to be done. 

Are there any other resources out there I am missing? I want to make sure I have ruled out every do-able option before I tell this field worker that it isn't possible at this time. 

Thank you!

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Hi Alyssa, support and a blog for Power Automate is in our plans but we haven't gotten to it as of yet. We're focusing on Integromat for the next few months.  I would describe the current state of this as possible but advanced. I've notified the PE who is working on this of your interest, I'd keep an eye on our blogs for updates.

At this time, if you can't use Integromat, I'd suggest the Python script as the path forward.


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