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07-11-2016 05:07 AM
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Hello everyone,

I have the following questions for the workforce:

  1. is it possible to change the app design? change logo, icon, title, color, etc...
  2. is it possible to change the fields in this screenshot? i tried changing the fields in the feature layer, i removed one and added other fields, but it didnt work.workforce.PNG
  3. is it possible to remove the navigator app from the available apps? and maybe add another app?
  4. is it possible w add the assignments from another feature class instead of adding them one by one from the browser?

And if there is a tech support that i can contact please let me know.

Thank you in advance

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rfindlay I see the same on an example assignment I created. This isn't a traditional html anchor so the href is unnecessary. It might be a version prob? I'm not sure when Explorer for ArcGIS enabled the custom URL Scheme... the github site says it is supported in the beta... might not be released yet.

bpierce-esristaff‌ Maybe you can answer this better?



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Glen, Ross,

This is actually an issue with Workforce; we'll be updating our whitelist for Explorer in the next release of Workforce; late July / early August.


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I would like to have someone fill out a geoform (public) for a new meter install request. Which will use the same assignment feature class as a workforce project. For example, adding 3 fields in the details section for workforce to include Permit #, Tap Size requested, Rate Class(commercial, irrigation, industrial, etc). The worker would then be able to see the assignment with appropriate information from the requester and open Collector to update the Meter data during install.

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Is it possible to change the format of the due time from for example cmerwin_0-1635865097079.pngto something that shows the full due date and time? We are transitioning our City Inspector over to workforce and when our dispatchers schedule inspections, they need the ability to see the due dates and times. Any ideas?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 


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Hi @cmerwin 

This is not possible in Workforce today. It is something we could support when Workforce moves into Field Maps; as we're looking to open up more control for the Project Owner with how the Assignment information is displayed.


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