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ArcGIS Workflow Manager: 10.8.1!!

02-19-2020 03:34 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Cue... Mission Impossible theme... and drumroll!

Our mission, and we chose to accept it, is to create seamless workflow experiences across Esri and non-Esri products, no matter what an organization is trying to accomplish! 

Follow ArcGIS Workflow Manager Product Owner Michael Broadbent into this amazing journey, as we release its first version of a web-centric, service-based architecture.

And so, it begins...

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This looks great! We would love to beta test this. I work for a large AEC firm and I think this has great potential for things we do day in day out.

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Hey Brian Hiller‌, have you had a chance to test this new workflow manager out?  If yes, I'd like to get your feedback. Right now we are testing this in a Utility Network fiber design process to help support the design and construction processes.

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Patrick we’re getting into it right now. We’ve got a few different business we’re modeling in the system from right of way acquisition to permitting, and vegetation mgmt. Happy to provide feedback as we get further into this. Great enhancements to a part of the platform that can really be the glue between different portions of a broader business process.

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