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02-19-2016 06:12 AM
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I am working with a workflow manager for enterprise updates. I have several steps after the edits for QC. We are able to get through all the steps until the final one. When I go to run that step it tells me that it cannot be completed due to "Children Jobs". I have never used a child job, I though maybe it was created by accident. But when I look into the parent job it says "There are No Child Jobs" as well as nothing being in the hierarchy  of jobs other than the parent.

I cannot move past this step to complete the job because of this step holding it up. The step did not have anything change in it, it just needs completed to finish the job. Any help would be amazing!


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Hi Adam,

Can you look on the Dependencies tab and see if there are any outstanding dependencies for the job? Also check Holds in case one was applied and the message is just a little off.

If nothing is obvious from that you can obtain more  information on the cause of your issue by increasing the log level to 5 (C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\WMX\Desktop10.X\Bin\WMXAdvancedSettings.exe), repeat the execution steps and then observe the log recorded here C:\ProgramData\Esri\WMX\10.X\Logs

Replace the X with your appropriate version number.

Please reply back with any additional info if necessary and I'd be happy to help.



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