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"Evaluate Data Quality” how to show errors grouped by validation rule(s)

03-19-2024 06:48 PM
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Workflow Manager Server on ArcGIS Pro 3.2, Enterprise 11.2

We are using Workflow Manager Server with a step called “Evaluate Data Quality”

The output of this step writes a record in the ‘jobProgress’ table that is part of the workflow featureservice. When these errors are detected, it’s supposed to write errorsIdentified in the json stored in the jobProgress tables “stepOutput” field.


What we are trying to determine is,
How can we notify the user that a validation rule has been broken and provide details:

1. Name of the validation rule,
2. Which record it applies to?
3. In case we have more than one validation rule and more than one are broken, how we distinguish the error results by validation rule?

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