Why would getAppList fail?

04-04-2016 07:25 AM
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So I spent that last part of Friday updating Google Analytics for all of our maps. I opened and interacted with WAB 1.3 a couple of times but nothing serious. Then this morning I come in, I check the Developer Site for the WAB and see that 2.0 got released. But I wanted to export my 1.3 maps first to ZIP.

When I tried to open 1.3 I get "getAppList failed!"

I didn't have 2.0 on my system. I do not. I figured, oh well, I can just reconfigure the two maps that I need for now. I keep a working copy of all past installs of WAB in folders named for their version. With the HOPE that if I ever needed, I could go back and work in those environments, in case I needed to.

Any ideas what could cause 'getAppList' to fail, especially since I didn't do anything with WAB that SHOULD have caused issues?

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Are you still seeing this issue? I not seen this exact issue, but WAB uses tingo db in the background to store all the WAB apps info and it is possible that the db has gotten corrupted. Unfortunately this info gets you no closer to a resolution of your issue though. My recommendation for recovering your apps is to install 1.3 in a new directory and create your two apps again (name and description are the only important parts). Then copy the server/apps/app# contents from the old 1.3 into the corresponding new server/apps/app# folders.

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I had this same exact issue recently.  I do believe this solution actually worked!  Though it would be good to know how and why the database got corrupted in the first place to avoid it in the future.