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Why does the WAB Filter widget causes a Map Image Layer to freeze when a filter is applied to a layer within it?

02-11-2022 08:04 AM
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I have a Filter widget set up in a Web App (built using Web AppBuilder) to enable the user to filter a polyline layer by an attribute field. The polyline layer is part of a Map Image Layer hosted on ArcGIS server 10.9.1.

When the filter is disabled, the user can interact with all of the layers within that service with no issues, but when the filter is applied, the entire service seems to freeze (including all of the other layers within that service that are not being filtered). The display simply shows the layers in their pre-filtered configuration and doesn't re-draw when the user pans/zooms around the map. Pop-ups also stop working on the layer.

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I am also experiencing the same issue as described above with the Map Image Layer drawing freezing and popup failure upon activating a filter (in both WAB and Experience Builder) and would like to know if there is a workaround or solution.


To be further specific - pre-set filters from Map Viewer work as expected with the service, but anything dynamic and toggle-able from the Filter or Group Filter widget causes the above described issue.

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