why cant multiple analysis tools activated in one analysis widget?

06-11-2016 11:12 PM
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Im currently using Arcgis Server 10.4 and Portal 10.4 for this task. i used the web appbuilder within Portal. What i did was to add an analysis widget and enable the buffer and extract data tools. when i activated them both, i'm unable to use the extract data tool as it is greyed out.(attached picture)

However i tried adding another analysis widget and only activating the extract data tools. It seems to be working and analysis could be run.

Back to the greyed out option, i can see the tooltip saying "this tool is not available because the map does not contain required feature layer(s)"..I've verified that the feature service capability which is "extract" has been enabled.

I can just add multiple analysis widgets for specific tools but it doesnt look neat. Furthermore, multiple tools should be able to be enabled within one analysis widget as it has checkboxes right?

Am i missing something? or is it supposed to be activated this way?


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