WebMap/WebAppBuilder - Snapping not working when editing existing feature

01-09-2017 01:03 PM
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Could someone please verify this issue as I am sure it has only come up as of recent.

  • We use a WebApp that contains many feature classes (polygon, polyline and point).
  • We have a point layer that we snap to the end of polylines from a certain polyline layer, we also snap certain polylines to each other for accuracy and presentation purposes.

  • When I am using our WebApp, in edit mode, to create features; I am able to snap a point, polygon or polyline to a point, polygon or polyline without issue.
  • When I am editing existing features in our WebApp; I am not able to snap a point, polygon or polyline to a point, polygon or polyline!

I am sure that up until December 2016 I was able to snap features in a WebApp regardless whether I was creating a new feature or editing an existing feature.

We edit features in this WebApp very often, I noticed this change occur after the December 2016 update to ArcGIS Online.

What’s New in ArcGIS Online (December 2016) | ArcGIS Blog 

I haven't seen any mention of this as I assume it may be something that wasn't intended.

Once again, does anyone else have a WebApp they could try this on? I will try a few different configurations in the meantime. The same issue is occurring in the WebMap as well.

To avoid a simple question an answer, no changes were made between the day it was working and the day it stopped working!

I look forward to any input.


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  Well I have tested this just using the JS API (which WAB is built on) and you can not snap existing features to other existing features. I used this sample and then rolled the JS API version back all the way to 3.15 just to be sure that this did not work at some point in the past and it did not.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox 

So I am unsure as to why to where seeing this ability when it was not supported in the JS API.

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