WebAppbuilder Export to CSV (X,Y Coordinates) - 2 BUGs

08-16-2017 06:32 AM
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We have found a bug on the Export to CSV function that was going undetected for 2 years and it might have already caused issues with the exported data.

All our ArcGIS services are published in British National Grid. (BNG) but our WebAppbuilder map is using ESRI Basemaps in Web Mercator.

When you Export a point layer to CSV from the Attribute Table you get the X and Y coordinates in BNG. (CORRECT)

When you select some points from the same layer using the Select Widget tool and then you try to :

  1. Export Selected as CSV - >  BUG #1  there are no coordinates PRESENT.
  2. Open in Attribute Table - > Export to CSV ->  BUG #2 the coordinates are in WebMercator instead of BNG.

So we are getting 3 different exports for the same layer.

If you do fix the bug can you please post the fix here so we can apply it on our current version ? Instead of waiting for the next version of WebAppbuilder.


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