WebApp setting WebMapID as default on runtime w.r.t. groups

12-03-2019 05:49 AM
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I have created multiple groups and webmaps in Portal for ArcGIS, then shared those webmaps to different groups.

For e.g.

Group1: (Webmap1, Webmap2, Webmap3)

Group2: (Webmap4, Webmap5, Webmap6)

Group3: (Webmap7, Webmap8, Webmap9)


In WebAPP, loaded these webmaps inside "ChangeWebMap" custom widget with respective to group user login

Now, issue is here. I want to load particular webmap as default for e.g. Webmap3 incase of Group1, Webmap5 incase of Group2 and Webmap7 incase of Group3

But what is happening Webapp on initial loading is taking default webmap mentioned in config.json

I want to set default webmaps on application load with respective to group (user login)

Note: I have observe that WebApp before user logs in reads the config.json and set the map properties alongwith map.itemID = WebMap ID, due to which unable to set WebMap ID of logged-in user/group


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