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08-08-2016 08:19 AM
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Hi All,

I have 2 widgets that I'd like to open in a (for example a blue panel)... at present they both open in separate blue panels.

I'd like to have them both open in 1 blue panel only... this doesn't seem very easy to do. I have the widget in a group which also lists the blue panel to open them with maxWidgets set to 2.

Any quick ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

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M B,

  Have you seen the docs on grouping widgets in a panel?

Widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers

You can also group in-panel widgets by dragging one or more widgets into another widget. The grouped widget shows as a folder icon on the controller widget. To ungroup the widget, drag each widget out of the group.
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