WebApp hangs until I clean the cached files:

10-12-2021 02:53 AM
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I just created a WebGIS using WebAppBuilder 2.18 and I see that "sometimes" the webgis hangs when it is loaded. For "hangs" or "freeze" I mean that the map is visualized, the toolbar is created but it is impossible to navigate or press the buttons, and even more I need to kill the tab with the "process explorer" window!

This happens when I open the WebGIS from the WebAppBuilder for editing (the window where I can edit add/remove the widgets, modify WebGIS properties like text and colors, and so on), from the WebAppBuilder for preview (where I can test the results of the changes without see the "editing" part) and also from the deployed WebGIS! I use IIS 7.5 for the deploy.

I have experienced all the three problems using google chrome, microsoft edge (latest) and brave browser (that share the same chromium engine, I think) and in all the three cases the problem disappears:

  1. opening the website(s) with the developer console open and the "disable cache" enabled
  2. cleaning the file in the cache, killing the tab that hangs and reloading the website

The problem is recurring, so I'm a bit worried because I fear I need to explain to the customer that he needs to delete the cache periodically...

Anyone experiencing the same problem?


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