WebApp Builder & Portal setup

02-15-2017 05:59 AM
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I'm currently looking at different set-ups for Portal for ArcGIS and am wondering how (or whether) my Portal setup will affect the use of the webApp Builder. To be more precise: Are there limitations with what I can do with webApp builder if I have Portal set up as a stand-alone vs. federated and with or without hosting server?

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   Using Portal WAB you will not be able to add custom widgets is one big thing I am aware of. Also Portal WAB will always be one version behind WAB Dev and AGOL WAB.

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I think a lot about whether to federate or not depends on your organization.  In our agency, with no enterprise license and more users than named-users, I do not plan to federate.  From my understanding from recent training and tech sessions, if you federate, Portal takes over much of the security aspects over ArcGIS Server, and if you publish something in Server, it is automatically available on Portal and assigned to the named-user.  This is way over simplifying things, but for us (once we upgrade to 10.5), we will probably have Server and Portal on the same machine, underated, and using Server's folder security.  We use Active Directory for our user store and will try Integrated Windows Authorization (IWA) if it doesn't mess up with any of our other security and access.

With that said, and what Robert talked about as far as release timing, I have done initial tests on creating a WAB appid with Portal 10.5 and the latest WAB and it started up with no issues.  I haven't gone beyond that with testing Portal.