web map application - when tracking user location it keeps zooming in/out randomly

03-18-2020 02:27 PM
New Contributor II

Hi, I built a web mapping application in ArcGIS online. I shared it to create a https link, which I can open on my phone. 

On my phone, when I tap the button to "locate" myself, it zooms to my location per usual. Then if I pinch in our pinch out to change the zoom, the map bounces back to the previous zoom. It won't stay zoomed in or out.

This is a difficulty. I'd like to be able to tap the "Locate" button to find me and start tracking my location--but then I'd like to be able to zoom in or out, while the tracking continues to operate at the new zoom level. That's how every other mobile mapping application works... I must be missing a setting. 

Note, I am using Web Mapping App, I have location turned on, track user location turned on. Thanks. 

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