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03-11-2015 10:49 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have configured a Web Mapping Application using Web AppBuilder. I would like to define a multi-attribute query where the user can use an existing value but with the possibility to use a wildcard for some of the attributes.From the test I did with the Query Widget, I cannot find a way of doing this pretty basic query.

Did anyone was successful doing something similar?

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Line Champagne

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Line Champagne​,

When you set up the query widget you have the option to create a filter expression. When you do that you can have the expression be a "contains". This acts like a wild card and looks for anything in that search that has the input value as part of the result. I hope this helps.


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I am having the same issue.  "Contains" does not work for in my case because I expect my users will be searching the layer using leading zeros which are not included in the layer's attribute records.

Is there any way to use wildcard in the current Web App Builder query widget?  My organization is able to do so with our Flex applications, but we want to move away from that since Flex isn't going to be supported for much longer.

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The option "Contains" looks like this in SQL "YourField like %[value]%"

The Option "Ends With" looks like this "YourField like %[value]"

The Option "Starts With" looks like this "YourField like [value]%"

So one of these should work for you as all three use wildcards.

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I think you got the "Starts With" and "Ends With" reversed. 


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   Yep, Thanks for catching that. I have fixed my post.

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