Web AppBuilder Developer won't work without http redirect?

12-19-2020 07:33 AM
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Trying to get instances set of WAB Developer set up on our AGO and Portal (we use AGO for public facing apps, Portal for internal, and our Portal is integrated with IWA). I also have SSL certificates for my local machine provided by our IT dept.

I got everything set up on both like I've done before, including the same redirect URL's like I have before. I know they no longer support http, so I didn't include an http redirect in either the AGO or Portal. In both cases I get the "Invalid redirect uri" error.

When I add the http redirect to AGO, it works fine. When I add it to Portal, it still doesn't work, but it gets me further to the point where I'm asked to sign in and approve permission to access my account before it goes into a loop.

I’m just kind of confused. For all the talk about http no longer being supported. I have one WAB instance on AGO which won’t work without an http as a redirect URI, and another WAB instance on Portal which isn’t working but is still getting further than when I didn’t have the http redirect.

Mostly I want to get WAB on Portal working, but if anyone can suggest a way for it work on AGO without the http redirect, that would be great as well. I've been working with WAB Developer for a while but I'm no expert and any guidance/information would be much appreciated!

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