Web AppBuilder - Cannot search by GLOBALID

07-03-2020 04:39 PM
by Anonymous User
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Web App Builder, why include the GLOBALID field in the 'Set Search Fields' configuration for the Search Widget when you cannot search by GLOBALID?

I spent several hours trying to get the search by GLOBALID and could never get it to work.  In fact, if I had it checked, then I could not search on other fields either.  However, if I unchecked it, then I use a different fields, such as, Install Job Order in my feature service.

Set Search Fields

The above example is from Enterprise Portal 10.6.  However, I also tried to use GLOBALID in AGOL and it did not work either.   

Is there a workaround for searching by GLOBALID?



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by Anonymous User
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Hi Steve

I used SOI to interpret the response from ArcGIS Server, there is no GlobalID attribute returns from the server.



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Hi Steve,

If you turn developer tools on in your browser, you will see that the Search Widget makes a wrong REST query. 

GLOBALID = {1C53657E-E2D8-40B3-8214-6E48001F8485}

And it gets

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["Unable to perform query operation.","Invalid query"]}}

Seems like a bug in a Search Widget, it should be adding quote around the GUID text. Its happening in 10.7.1 WAB as well. We circumvented it by adding another dummy text field with value as copy of GlobalID using Attribute Rules and search using this field. This works correctly.

UPPER(FUID) LIKE '%{1C53657E-E2D8-40B3-8214-6E48001F8485}%'



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Hi Vish, 


Would you mind sharing the attribute rule for copying the Global ID into a dummy text field? It seems simple but I just can't get it to populate. I'm trying to use the GlobalID in the search widget as well. 


Thanks in advance!


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