Web AppBuilder - Add Data and Change Symbology

07-18-2019 02:17 AM
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I am just starting out on Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.10.

I am creating a simple app where the user can load a csv file with point features.  I would like the user to be able to change the style of the point features base on a field (column) in the csv.  

I have used the 'Add Data' Widget and is able to load the csv successfully, however I am unable to find a widget that will allow me to change the displayed symbol style.  If possible, I would like the user to change the style of the points in a similar way to doing it in the Web map on ArcGIS Online (ie, 1. Choose an attribute to show, 2. Selct a drawing style etc)

Hoping someone can provide some advice.  


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Anyone have any updates on this?  Having the ability to change the symbology of the data added through the "Add Data" widget would be really helpful.

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I am also looking for this same thing, any updates?


Thank you!

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