Web App published by Web AppBuilder Developer will not display in Portal

04-01-2015 09:08 AM
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Due to several bugs within the current Web AppBuilder (WAB) through Portal I had to build my web app through Web AppBuilder Developer (WABD).  I created a web map, configured as needed and then Shared it to appropriate groups.  I then plugged the same web map into WABD and configured widgets, etc.

I downloaded the WABD zip file, unzipped and placed appropriate files into web server envrionment.  It authored as it should and was viewable for me.  I then sent to a user to test and he was able to see the web app.

I then took the appropriate web app URL and deployed it to the Portal environment (we call it our MapStore).  The Portal web map move was successful (same user could see the web app just fine).

However, I made the mistake that since that user was able to see the web app so could all of my other users.  They could not.  It seems to be tied to the security groups.  By default, the group I am using should allow all users behind the firewall to see the map (our Portal is AD aware).  This is the case for all WAB maps and the users are able to see the web apps.

But for whatever reason (even though have same exact group assignments) those not individually registered within My Organization in Portal are unable to see the WABD web app.

The Portal web app description, summary, related maps, etc all display but the map window itself flashes the status bar as if it is about to open but then disappears.  This is true for Chrome, FireFox and IE (we are currently limited to IE 9 but all IE versions did not draw the map).

Why won't WABD 1.1 not respect the Portal AD groups?  Assuming this is what is happening?

It is a major issue for me as I had to abandon WAB through Portal to alleviate bugs but now am completely unable to author maps to my users.

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  This link is dealing with a completely different initial subject but I think that it might still pertain to your issue:

Re: Unable to Load Geoprocessing Output to Web Map

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