Web App Builder - Map and corresponding Feature service layers all visible

10-20-2014 07:57 AM
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We have several AGO web maps with both a map service and the corresponding feature service added from ArcGIS Server 10.2.2. In the AGO web map, all the layers remain grouped and symbolized according to the map service. When I use the Web App Builder to then make an app from the AGO web map, the map service is listed but then also all the various layers that make up the feature service. For example, a Water Distribution System service might have multiple feature classes(valves, hydrants, mains, etc). When the web map is taken to WAB, the map service Water Distribution System is shown with its various sub-layers but then the feature service also lists out all the layers. So you end up with Water Distribution Layer (containing valves, hydrants, mains) and each feature class from the feature service listed out too (valves, hydrants, mains). This results in a very cluttered table of contents. Will this behavior be corrected?

Thanks, Andrew

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