WAB & WAB DE Grouped widget issue

10-17-2019 03:55 PM
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Backstory - I have polygons (high fire areas), and my customers have their data, i.e. property polygons.

The customers need to upload their data, select the items that fall inside the high fire area, and do a join.

I grouped these three widgets; Add Data, Select, and Join in Web AppBuilder & WAB DE.

>>> I did both software for testing purposes, and they both won't work.

The join widget won't include the newly ADDed DATA in the dropdown menu.

  • I can get it to work by clicking the layer widget on the top header, then back to my group widget.
  • I also tested adding the layer widget to my grouped widget, but it will not reset either.

Is there a way to get the join tool to work correctly? Maybe there is a piece of code that could tell it to re-grab layers after ADD DATA completes its task. Thanks for your help. 

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