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03-11-2015 06:04 AM
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So I'm being tasked with porting a legacy map app from an aging application. I'm going to aim to do it with the WAB. However, due to time constraints I haven't had time to touch the WAB since it came out of it's BETA cocoon. And most of what I did in BETA was for directed, single-use map apps. I really haven't had time to dig in and see what all is there to play with.

I'm wondering if a feature class has a lot of attributes can I replicate the query functionality of the old map app in the new WAB App?

Here is a sample of how they currently build a query... (this is for Police Arrests by the way)Arrest Map Query Options.png

For those of you with more experience does this look doable with the new WAB? Would I need to check out a custom widget?

Any input from those with more experience with the WAB would be great.

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as you said your best bet would be creating a custom widget. It is pretty straight forward and the help that ESRI provides is somewhat helpful.

Naming conventions—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers

I created a custom widget and I am not a programming pro. So if you want to look at it just to see how things work

Location Widget

Hope this helps!


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Yeah. I'm hoping to not have to do that just yet. I have made just one custom widget and it was mostly cannibalizing code that Robert Scheitlin, GISP​ wrote. I'm hoping to go as much out of the box as I can for this. I'm "supposed" to have time to get into the WAB and play, research the Dojo and Widgets stuff, so that I "CAN" do these types of things... but there is never enough time... ugh!

I thought I remember a Query option that was fairly intense. I was hoping I could put together sample queries that they just plug in their specifics to get the output.

And then export to CSV is a big deal too...

Thanks for the response... I'm gonna cross my fingers that this is not going to be the dev nightmare I fear it will.

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Did you look at the query widget provided by ESRI? Query widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers

There might be some easy code adjustments to fit your need?

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