WAB Legend Widget not honoring Scale Based Symbology

10-11-2019 10:59 AM
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I am noticing some unexpected behavior with scale based symbologies and the out of the box legend widget in Web AppBuilder for Developers (v2.12).

After playing with the scale based symbologies in Pro, I noticed that while the symbologies display correctly over their respective scale range in a WAB built application, the legend widget will show only one symbology, in my case that which is specified at the maximum end of the scale. That means if zoomed out all the way, your legend does not match your map.

Say, you have a poly layer with fill color red up to 1;100,000 and fill color blue when zoomed in past 1:100,000, my legend shows only blue regardless of the current map scale. 

Am I doing something wrong, is there a work-around ?

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Did you check the " Respect current map scale" property in the legend widget configuration page?

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Yes, I have that checked.

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Hi there !
Any news on the topic ? I'm encountering the same issue when creating a scale based symbology for a feature layer in AG Pro and publishing it as a map image layer.

The symbology of the image layer does change but the legend is set on the maximal scale symbology and does not follow the scale of the map... I'm having the issue starting at the Map viewer.

I use AGP 3.1 and publishing on AGE 11.1 

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Christophe AGNES
GIS Head @ Mayotte's public institution for land and country planning