WAB & Operational Layers

11-03-2014 04:32 AM
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Hi I'm using the beta version of the WAB, but there does not seem to be the capability to add operational layers from a locally hosted ArcGIS Server site.


There seems to be no mention of operational layer in the documentation online.


Is this capability due to be added in the final developer release in November?  I do not want to be in a situation where we have to use portal only to consume ArcGIS Server services specifically for the template produced by the WAB.


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Web app builder is designed to work via portal, so you would add your operational layers into a web map then use that web map id within the builder.  The ability of adding services directly from your server to WAB has not been implemented in the UI.

A lot of people have raised this issue and Robert Scheitlin, GISP has posted up a discussion on how you can achieve what you want to do here: Do you have to use AGOL to use WAB?



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Thanks Anthony - this looked great up until the very last post were someone says ESRI have removed this capability in Beta 3.

The problem I have, is that many of my clients are not able to share their data outside of the organization, (not to mention that it runs in to the 100s of GBs!) so using AGOL is not practical.

The customer is also switched on with the technology landscape, so they get excited when they hear this is a web app builder, and request that all template use WAB so it is easy to configure and change for any future changes,

Surely, operational layers will have to be made part of the builder - if not i think ESRI have really dropped the ball.  Not everyone (majority i would imagine) has the option of using AGOL in the enterprise.