WAB 2.0 project in Aptana Studio 3

04-18-2016 03:05 AM
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Currently we migrating our map service from Flex Viewer to WAB. I'm new to WAB (developer edition) and Aptana Studio. I want to have WAB project in Aptana Studio and develop it there, as I had Flex Viewer in Flash Builder. I have not found tutorial how to import WAB to Aptana. What steps should there be performed to import and build WAB project in Aptana Studio 3. I use WAB 2.0.

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  You will find very little talk about Aptana Studio in the last couple of years. The JS API use to have a current Aptana plugin but that has not been the case for several years. You will find no posts or info on Aptana and WAB because there is little or NO one using Aptana anymore. The most common in the WAB developer world right not is Brackets, Atom, Web Storm, SubLime text,  IntelaJ,  NotePad++, etc.

See the JS API setting up your development env.:

Set up a development environment | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript