Using AGOL Routing Service in JSAPI 3.x

06-23-2021 11:41 AM
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Getting my feet wet with he world of routing. So I started with the simple 3.x example here and wanted to expand on it.

I created an item in our Enterprise Portal for the AGOL World Route service and provided my AGOL credentials. Then I plugged the URL for this item into the routeTask definition in the above referenced example, as follows:


routeTask = new RouteTask(<my enterprise URL>)


 When I try to run this, the call ...




fails and I see this:


error: {code: 404, messageCode: "POR_205244", message: "Your login session has been reset. Please try again.",…}
code: 404
details: []
message: "Your login session has been reset. Please try again."
messageCode: "POR_205244"


Anything I need to change in AGOL or in my Enterprise Portal? Is there another, entirely different, approach to tap into a Routing services besides rolling your own on prem? New territory for me. Appreciate any feedback.

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