Use a widget more than once in Web App builder?

11-30-2016 08:34 AM
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Is it possible to use a given widget more than once in an ArcGIS Online Web App Builder application?

I am building an app in which I want to use the Near Me widget to find features from three different layers.  I want each search to be a separate operation.

I am aware that I can search multiple layers in one instance of the widget, but that's not what the customer wants- they want three separate buttons for searches.

My experience so far is that the first instance of the widget works properly, but any subsequent instances will allow the user to enter their location, but will not otherwise function.

Is it possible to do what I described above?

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I'm not sure if this is possible strictly in the Online version, but in the WAB Developer Edition it should work.  Although others  are the expects, in the WAB-DE,  I would duplicate the widget, calling them it NearMe1, NearMe2m, NearMe3 (or whatever) then in the code, setting up each as needed (referencing the 3 different names as needed).

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I have logged a bug with ESRI about duplicating the NearMe widget.  The first NearMe you click when opening the application will function properly (you'll get the buffer slider) but when clicking other NearMe widgets in the application the slider will not show.  ESRI said to refresh the application and click the NearMe widget you want to use but this is not a suitable workaround for a public site.  Someone else has reported this bug as well.  I've noticed the same behavior in WAB for Developers 2.2 and the WAB in AGOL.

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